New Home – Week one

After waiting months to get the keys to our first house we were keen to get in ASAP to start the renovations straight away, and what a difference a week makes. In order to get the house ready for plasterers and electricians, the first job this week was getting the wallpaper off the walls, and…… Continue reading New Home – Week one

Buying a House – The Exchange.

If i’d have known the grief around the exchange of contracts before starting the house buying process, i’d be wondering how we’d ever get this far. But we did it, we exchanged contracts on our house this week – finally. Nothing can describe the sheer feeling of dread when transferring your whole deposit via one…… Continue reading Buying a House – The Exchange.

How to get a mortgage…

When we started talking about buying a house, everyone told us that getting a mortgage would be the really difficult, painful bit. But in our experience that wasn’t true. Whether you’re looking on your own, or seeking guidance from a mortgage ¬†advisor, there are plenty of places online to seek out the right mortgage for…… Continue reading How to get a mortgage…

Finding a house! (The fun bit)

Looking for your first house? Get on Rightmove… right now. And set up those email alerts because you gotta be quick. When looking for your first house there are so many things that people say you need to think about. Area, cost, how¬†many rooms do you need, how much work are you willing to do,…… Continue reading Finding a house! (The fun bit)