A bedroom fit to sleep in…

We’ve already had the keys to the house for four months, who knew doing all the work would take up SO MUCH time (!!!).

First room to be completed was the bedroom, which came complete with wonky wall lights, no ceiling light and polystyrene ceiling. The wallpaper had obviously been on for a very long time, as with a really quick steam – it was off within an hour, the exact opposite of downstairs. Meanwhile, the bedroom ceiling had been coated with

We hired in an electrician to take out the wonky lights, and install new plug sockets where the bed would be, this makes a serious mess – so be sure to get your electrician in first. They’ll also need to get under the floorboards, but as ours were uncovered this wasn’t an issue.

The room took around a day to plaster, including the newly uncovered ceiling, which made the room feel instantly bright and airy. We let the plaster dry out until the weekend before we started painting.

NB. If you’re painting a room after it has been plastered – LET IT DRY! We could have given ours slightly longer before the basecoat, and around the edges on some walls there’s a slight difference in colour. The white basecoat onto the plaster needs to be mixed around 50-50 with water, and beware… it’s messy. Expect the room (and yourself) to be coated in watery paint droplets by the time one wall is done.

The paints we used were B&Q’s own Colours range. Originally, we bought two tubs of their one-coat paint in ‘Shadow’ with a plan to paint the whole room. Luckily we’d drafted in the help of parents who thankfully stopped us before we’d done any more than one wall. It’s very true that paint looks so much darker on your walls than in the tub… I can also confirm, that you need more than one-coat of one coat.

The rest of the walls were done in a much lighter grey, to bring out the white coving around the windows. We stuck with the Colours range but this time in Grey Hints for a much softer look. We used the darker grey as a feature wall, which brought out the wonkiness of the walls.

Once we’d sanded the floors (just don’t), the doors, windowframes, and skirtings, we put in the finishing touches and glossed everywhere in white, put up the light, and had blinds fitted on our two huge windows. Room one complete.

The main thing we learnt while doing the bedroom – just do one room at a time. There is SO much to do in each room, there’s no time to even look anywhere else. Our house felt like DIY SOS with all our little helpers, but once the bedroom was complete it was a haven to lock ourselves into when the rest of the house looked like a bomb-site.

Aaaaaaand sleep.


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