Brunchin’ at Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home has quickly become one of Manchester’s favourite comfort food options, and with their second site launching in the Great Northern this year it was about time we checked out the brunch offering.

Owned by the team behind Almost Famous, it was unsurprising that the brunch menu options seemed just as gluttonous, with some exciting twists on traditional favourites.


While looking through the menu we opted for two flat whites, with an espresso blend from the team at Has Bean, a solid coffee choice. If you’re looking for something with a little more alcohol start the day, Home Sweet Home pride themselves on their Bloody Marys made with their house tomato juice, fresh lemon, Cholula hot sauce, pickle brine and celery, as well as a selection of Espresso Martinis.

The breakfast and brunch menu features a selection of bennies (Eggs Benedict), House Hash, as well as a full English breakfast or waffles and pancakes if you’re more of a fan of sweet than savoury. Steak makes plenty of appearances on the menu, and there’s even the muscle beach option of chilli rubbed steak with two kinds of eggs, avocado, spinach and ‘absolutely no carbs’ for those looking for the ultimate protein kick, without having to skip a dirty brunch.

We opted for a House Hash, HSH’s breakfast style potatoes with cheese, onions and peppers topper with eggs served in a variety of ways. We chose the Sun Devil Scrambler, served with taco sauce, chorizo, coriander and sour cream. While on the menu it may have sounded a little much for an early-ish morning meal, the eggs were light and fluffy with just enough topping to give a welcome kick of spice, rather than send us into a coma for the day.

N opted for the eggs on sourdough toast, served with bacon and a sausage patty, demolished in seconds. Served with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, described as ‘wakey wakey juice so fresh it hurts’.

We followed the breakfast with one of Home Sweet Home’s favourite 5 Dollar Shakes, a milkshake containing peanut butter, salted caramel, and topped with a huge dollop of homemade pretzel brittle. Be warned, if you try to finish a full one on your own be prepared for the sugar crash approximately five minutes later. Worth it.


As well as the brunch menu, Home Sweet Home also serve lunch and dinner, with the menu based around their own takes on American favourites. If you’re not a morning person, it’s still well worth a visit a little later in the day (although bennies are served until 3pm).



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