Birthday Celebrations – Artisan Manchester

As part one of my mums 50th birthday celebrations this year, I was tasked planning a meal and night out for her group of friends – all 27 of them. After a mad panic, and a lot of research, I was recommended the private dining spaces at Artisan Manchester.

The industrial-style restaurant & bar has three hidden event spaces for different needs and party sizes, with all three offering privacy from the bustling bar and restaurant, making it a great party location in Manchester city centre.

We ate in the Gallery, the newest of the private dining rooms, and it was the ideal location to both keep our group together, and to keep the party feeling intimate, even mid Saturday night in the centre of Manchester. The door to the Gallery is at the far end of the bar upon entering the restaurant, with big wooden door which closes the room off to the rest of the venue.

In the room, a long wooden table can be set up with wooden chairs in all different styles and sizes, for a seated meal for up to 30 people, or this can be removed for a more informal standing event. Artisan gave us the option to dress the table as we wished, giving us the contacts for balloons and flowers.

As one of the guests attending is a florist, she asked if she could provide flowers for the table, which were displayed in all different sized vases around the room. We also opted to bring in our own acoustic musician, who really impacted the atmosphere on the night. Artisan can also look to set up a DJ in the room, or you can simply plug into your own iPhone or iPod if desired.

Due to the party sizes catered for in the private dining spaces, Artisan provide a choice of set menus for each space to be decided prior to the event, with a number of options for your guests to order on the night at a set price. The set menus are all a set price allowing guests to enjoy the simple rustic dished Artisan provides, with all set menus including three courses.

We opted for set menu B, which featured a choice of starters including Asparagus & Brocomole, Parma ham & melon salad, an fried gnocchi, or baked camembert. The main course came soon after, with the choice of half roast chicken, 10z Ribeye, Salmon en papilotte with Thai green curry, or tomato and mozzarella flatbread. The food was enjoyed by all of the guests, with a good selection to suit all tastes.

The dessert was included as part of the set menu, and those who still had room, enjoyed the selection of Vanilla yoghurt & honey mousse, strawberries with whipped lemon curd creme fraiche, and rich chocolate and hazelnut brownies.

Throughout the evening, the staff were attentive, topping up prosecco & wine glasses, as well as giving us the option to order cocktails from the main bar without having to leave the room. When the meal had finished, and everyone was a lot fuller and giddier, we joined the crowd in the main bar to finish off the night.

The Gallery, Artisan, Spinningfields

Overall the experience was perfect for such a big group of girls, and thanks to the privacy of the new dining space, felt much more intimate then a standard night out in Manchester.

Artisan has three private dining spaces which differ in size and functions, with prices for all three differing dependent on the style of the get together.

Artisan, Avenue North, 18-22 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BZ


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