Review: Pot Kettle Black

We’ve been looking for a decent breakfast spot in Manchester for ages, and I think we’ve found it.

We often walk into town at the weekend for a bit of shopping, only to fail at brunch and settle for an average English breakfast, wind up in the nearest Starbucks or settle for takeaway coffee and a granola bar, but no more. We’ve always said the best breakfasts are made at home, until we found this gem, introducing Pot Kettle Black.

The coffee bar, situated in Barton Arcade, is one we have passed many a time, (especially since we’re addicted to next door trainer shop Ran) but were yet to try, until we were invited in to try the new brunch menu.


The coffee bar has recently been expanded to include a new kitchen, which will be serving a new seasonal brunch menu, as well as the already well-known specialty coffees & cakes. Served from 8am to 3pm, the seasonal menu offers a variety of brunch options, from healthier options chia pudding & coconut porridge, to all out naughtiness with cinnamon French toast, and obviously – a whole lot of eggs!

Ordering a flat white and a cappuccino from the bar, we took a seat on one of the benches in the window facing into Barton Arcade, prime people watching position. While we drank our coffees, served with a delicate rosina curl biscuit, a variety of people came into the coffee bar, for drinks, brunch and meetings. While it was great for a chilled brunch before a big shopping spree, the coffee spot was also a great location for families and business people alike, with a calm atmosphere and a great Motown playlist on low in the background.

As well as the brunch offering, there were a large selection of fresh cakes, pastries and smoothies available, as well as their specialty coffee sourced from Arabica plants.

We ordered a selection of items from the menu to share. The avocado on toast was flavoured with tangy lime, and served with two perfect poached eggs, with a perfect yolk that dribbled nicely onto the plate to be soaked into the crunchy toasted sourdough.


The Eggs Royale were served on a beautiful English muffin, with smoked salmon cured will gin and dill, and most importantly, a hollandaise sauce which was creamy but not too rich.


As we wanted to try something sweet, we also ordered a portion of the Whipped ricotta and fresh preserved figs on toast, which was served with a floral honey, which tasted as though it was infused with lavender.

Finished off with a large teapot filled with a traditional English breakfast tea, and another rosina curl biscuit, we sat in the window for a little longer before unwillingly leaving for the usual Manchester rain outside.

If you’re looking for a decent brunch close to the shops in Manchester, PKB is definitely worth a visit, we’re already planning our next trip.

Runny eggs.png

Pot Kettle Black Coffee Unit 14, Barton Arcade, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BW


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