Waiting games.

So it’s finally hit home, we are living with parents. It’s like we’ve gone back in time five years. It’s been almost a month since we said goodbye to renting and packed up our entire flat and moved it into my old bedroom. Which feels like it’s getting smaller by the day.

We knew when we started looking for houses that it was going to be a long process, and when we found a house with no chain we almost panicked it would move TOO quickly. This didn’t happen, and from what I can gather it’s pretty normal for it to feel like it’s taking a lifetime.

We first viewed the house three months ago mid March, and our offer was accepted in April after the first buyer’s offer fell through. Since then we’ve had our mortgage offer, a Homebuyers survey, a damp survey, what feels like endless numbers of contractors to quote on all the essential works, and a lot of going backwards and forwards with estate agents, but we’re still not at the point of exchanging contracts. While we knew the house could take a long time to complete, it’s real torment that we’re unable to start the months  of work that we know are due to take place when you’ve decided exactly what you want to do to make it feel like home.

Renovating an old property means a lot of the ground work needs doing, and it feels like all of our cash is going to be spent on things which we are the basic foundations for a nice house, rather than the nicer projects like a new kitchen or bathroom. Before we move in, our little house needs the damp fixing, a full rewire, and re-plastering. We’re pretty sure it’s only the wallpaper holding it up at the minute, a paper-mache house. But if we’re going to do it properly then we need to invest in this at the beginning, but who knew – as we’re going to need a full rewire we get to choose where all the plugs and light fixtures go in each room. Some serious planning, but it means we’ll never be short of an iPhone charger next to the settee.

When saving every penny you can to pay for all the repairs that need doing once you finally get the keys then it’s really important to stay motivated, so you don’t go blow it all in the Zara sale. And here’s where Pinterest comes in. When you’re ringing the solicitor every day to find out what’s happening, you need an end goal. And here’s mine.







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