And so it begins…

We’ve finally found it – the one… because everyone tells you, you’ll know it’s the one as soon as you walk through the door… Although that’s not really true, when you walk through the door you’ll be thinking more about why it smells damp, or how much money is it going to set you back, or if you’re going to have the cash to be the highest bidder.

We’ve been looking to buy in South Manchester for the last six months, and without fail every weekend we have viewed house after house, with every estate agent possible until getting to the point of bumping into the same people at every open house viewing each weekend. The housing market in Manchester is madness, and it doesn’t show any sign of stopping or slowing, and so the hunt was on to find ourselves a house. But where the hell to start? Surely we just needed to find somewhere in the area we wanted, within budget, and start getting our pinterest boards ready – how hard could it be? HARD.

After viewing dozens of houses, from Altrincham, to Heaton Moor, Monton and beyond, we started to wonder if it was the right time to buy. We were renting a beautiful flat in town, and Summer was coming, maybe lets just blow the deposit money on holidays this year and leave the house for a bit longer… and then there it was, the one that got away. A little house reappeared on our Rightmove alerts, from a sale we’d been too worried to put an offer in on due to obvious damp issues. We went back to view that evening, hours in Costa Coffee debating what to do, then the next morning our offer was accepted and the hard bit was done. Or so we thought.

Join us on our journey of our little damp house, and our story & advice on getting your own.





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